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Essays and Articles

We Need Civil Discourse– Rabbi Steve Gutow

Building a Spirit of  ‘Sacred Disagreement’ on Israel– Rabbi Melissa Weintraub

Choose Civility– Erica Brown

This is Your Brain on Conflict: The Problem on Polarizing Communication– Rabbi Amy Eilberg

Splitters: When to Cut and Run, When to Stick Around and Fight– Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum, Rabbi and Co-Director, L’Chaim Chabad-Kingston

Combating Delegitimization Requires A Big Tent– John Ruskay

Civility As  A Political Virtue- Peter Wehner

Idolatry Against Humans- Yehiel Poupko

We Need A Civility Campaign- Rabbi Steve Gutow

Community Would Benefit from Open Dialogue on Israel- Rabbi Amy-Jill Levine

Tree of Failure- David Brooks

Can Civility Be the Answer to Polarization? Eyal Rabinovitch and Melissa Weintraub

Can Listening to Women Who’ve Had Abortions Bring Peace to the Abortion Wars? Eyal Rabinovitch

The Cure For Election Madness, Christianity Today

The Perils of Polarization- William Galston

The Last Moderate, The New York Times

JCPA’s Civility Campaign: What’s Missing

Don’t Treat Conservatives Like Apostates

 Programmatic Materials

General Guidelines and Best Practices

Building Machloket L’Shem Shamayim: Some Practical Guidelines for Synagogues, JCCs and other Institutions

Guidebook for Deliberation about the Israel-Palestinian Conflict– Jewish Dialogue Group

Constructive Conversations about the Israeli-Palestian Conflict: A Manual– Jewish Dialogue Group

Things You Can Do as a Private Citizen- Jonathan Haidt

Pardes Center for Constructive Conflict Program suggestions, articles and text studies

JCPA’s Civility Conferences

Lesson Plans, Videos on Civil and Uncivil Behavior, and other Teaching Resources- Teaching and Multimedia and Videos

Sample Programs

JCPA Menu of Services: Training and Consultation in Speaking Across Conflict

Life Maps

 Post-Film or Speaker Discussion Guide

Text Studies and Holiday Resources

Sacred Arguing– Rabbi Ilyse Kramer

Conflict, Civility, and Community in the Talmud Syllabus- Dr. Dvora Weisberg

“Judaism, Courtesy, and Civility,”- United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

“Year of Civil Discourse'”– Dan Pine

Encounter’s Communication Guidelines


Sermons and Speeches

Disagreeing for the Sake of Heaven– Brent Spodek

Why Civil Discourse on Israel Must Become a National Jewish Priority– Rabbi Melissa Weintraub

Ohev Shalom, Rodef Shalom – Love Peace, Pursue Peace- Rabbi Marc Baker

Civility in the Age of Immediacy – Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce

Rosh Hashana – Civil Discourse in America, Israel and Our Congregation

Reconsidering the Israel Narrative, Renarrating How We Speak, Listen and Act in Community- David J. Cooper

Can We Talk About Talking About Israel? Rachel Eryn Kalisch


JCPA Resolution on Civility

JCPA Guidelines for Community Events

Resolution on Civility – Orthodox Union

Statement on Public Discourse – Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

Resolution on Civil Discourse – Rabbinical Assembly

Media Coverage

“Schaefer: How To Survive A Conversation On Israel” Haaretz

“Goldberg: Can Brooklyn Jews Talk Civilly About Israel?” Jewish Daily Forward

“Felson: Civility on the Israel debate is an issue that must be addressed,” Jewish Chronicle

“Yes, Sacramento-area Jews can talk civilly about Israel,”

“What Do Jews Lose When Rabbis Feel Compelled to Dissemble on Israel?”  The Daily Beast

“Silence of the Rabbis,” Washington Jewish Week

“Boca Synagogue Asks Members To Be Civil” Sun Sentinel

“How Big is Jewish Tent on Israel: Rabbis and Activists Fear Crossing Unspoken Red Lines,” Forward

“Jewish Leaders Make A Call For Civility,” Sun Sentinel

“On Israel, Can Jews Disagree Nicely? JTA

“American Jews Defuse Rancor Over Israel in Their Own Communities,” CNN

“Be Nice,” Forward Editorial

“As Israel Debates Rage, Jewish Professionals Face Employment Repercussions,” JTA

“The Temper of the Times,” Jerusalem Report

Can a Pledge Lead to Civility? JCPA Aims to Improve Discourse in the Community,” Washington Jewish Week

JCPA’s Civility Conferences