Resetting the Table

Resetting the Table builds the capacity of American Jews to talk, study, and deliberate together on Israel across differences in background and views. Through intensive training, skilled facilitation and institutional consultation, we aim to transform dominant norms of communication on Israel from avoidance and antagonism toward collaborative deliberation. A national initiative of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Resetting the Table has no positional agenda. Rather, we seek to build constructive and direct conversation on some of the most important and fraught issues facing the Jewish people.

Resetting the Table works with national and local agencies – including Federations, JCRCs, rabbinical denominational bodies, synagogues, Hillels and more – to build systems and programmatic road maps for meaningful inquiry and dialogue across divides on Israel. Our programs — built around core pedagogical principles — focus on creating channels for participant expression, recognition, honesty, and curiosity. We work with each organization to implement programs benefitting from our skilled trainers and facilitators. Some of our common modalities include:

  • Speaking Across Conflict 3-6 hour workshops with communication skill-building and dialogue for targeted groups
  • Multi-part sessions, including storytelling, communication skill-building, and content-driven learning
  • Large forums, including Town Squares (facilitated discussions in small groups),MOTH-inspired storytelling evenings, and participatory panels
  • Community of Inquiry – including combinations of the above for institutional or communal transformation

Two of Resetting the Table’s flagship programs include our Convener and Facilitation Fellowships, part of Resetting the Table NYC. Graduates of our Facilitation Fellowship facilitate Resetting the Table events across NYC and beyond.