2015-2016 Facilitation Fellowship Application

Facilitation Fellowship App page

We are seeking ten individuals with the desire and disposition to engender productive communication on Israel within New York’s Jewish communities.

 Who we’re looking for

Participation in the Fellowship requires no prior experience in facilitation or particular knowledge of the subject matter. It does require significant commitment. Fellows must:

  • Possess a disposition and desire to give focus, attention, and care to others, even if their views are unfamiliar to you or contradict your own. This does not mean you will be asked to check your own commitments and passions at the door! Rather, it means that you must have the intent and capacity to engage across differences in the spirit of our project.
  • Be able to sustain empathy and centeredness amidst heated conversation, even in the presence of views significantly different than your own. 
  • Be ready, willing, and able to participate in open, direct, and inclusive conversations with the other Fellows and Conveners, who are likely to have different backgrounds, views, experiences, and assumptions than you do.
  • Be prepared to participate in training for Facilitation Fellows that will include an initial 3-day intensive retreat, followed by regular skills training and coaching sessions (see schedule below) during which Fellows will have live practice in facilitating different modalities of dialogue and deliberation.
  • Be available to facilitate at least 2-4 events, usually conducted on evenings or weekends from February through May of 2016. To the greatest extent possible, events will be planned around the availability of Fellows’ schedules. Nonetheless, part of the training and certification process is doing “live” facilitations and all Fellows will be expected to make every effort to facilitate when opportunities arise.

 2015-16 Training Schedule

Fellows meet 1-2 times per month for skills practice and coaching. Training sessions involve drills, simulated conversations, and facilitation of live events with real-time coaching. Each fellow receives individualized coaching tailored to his/her particular strengths and weaknesses. Fellows are required to attend all training sessions, and anticipated scheduling conflicts must be addressed in advance.

  • Thurs, Sept 10: Final Deadline for Rolling Applications
  • Wed, Oct 14: Welcome Session and Dinner with Conveners
  • Fri-Sun, Oct 31-Nov 1: Opening Workshop Retreat
  • Wed, Nov 18: Deepening the Practice
  • Sun, Dec 6: Live Practice Session I w/Volunteers & Real-Time Coaching
  • Wed, Dec 15: Happy Hour and Review! (Optional)
  • Wed, Jan 6: Contracting and Dynamics
  • Wed, Jan 27: Mini Town Square
  • Sun, Feb 21: Live Practice Session II w/Volunteers & Real-Time Coaching
  • Fri, March 4/11/18 (choose one): Shabbat Salon
  • Wed, March 30: Advanced Skills Training
  • April, May: Convener Projects, Exact dates TBD
  • Wed, May 25: Full Group Closing with Conveners


The cost of the Facilitation Fellowship is $750, which we are able to offer at a highly subsidized rate thanks to a generous grant from the UJA-Federation of New York. A few partial scholarships are available depending on need.


To be considered for the 2014-2015 Facilitation Fellowship, please send the following information by Thursday, September 10 to resetttingthetable@gmail.com:

  1. Resume/CV and Contact Information
  2. Bio and Headshot
  3. Roles you play/have played in the New York Area Jewish community.
  4. Answers to the following four questions (please limit your answers to 300 words or less)
  • Why do you want to participate in the Facilitation Fellowship?
  • What experience do you have as a facilitator, either formal or informal? What do you believe are your strengths and challenges as a facilitator? How do you see the Facilitation Fellowship supporting your growth?
  • What have you found to be your greatest challenges in talking about Israel? How do you tend to react when speaking with those who disagree with you?
  • What is the conversation surrounding Israel that you most wish to facilitate? Who would you like to bring into the room? What would you like them to share with one another?