Conveners are organizations or individuals who wish to open up dialogue and deliberation on Israel for their constituencies (see our Convener Alumni here). Resetting the Table offers Conveners a heavily subsidized consultation package to craft events and processes tailored to the needs of their audiences. Conveners also make use of our facilitation fellows and bench of trained facilitators to support anything from one event to an arc of programming to open up conversation on Israel enabling participants to speak about what matters most to them on Israel.

Over the course of a 7-month training, consultation, design and implementation process, Resetting the Table supports Conveners to:

  • Foster open, direct, and safe communication where there is currently avoidance or tension
  • Learn Resetting the Table’s methodology in how to design productive Israel engagement
  • Provide spaces for those that have been eager to learn, question, listen, and deliberate on Israel, but have not found the right forums to do so
  • Gain thought partners in the other exceptional members of the Convener cohort
  • Collaborate with other Conveners, if they so choose, to bring their respective constituencies together, opening up new bridges of conversation and relationships across networks

Cost for participation as a Convener is $500. In return, Conveners receive a $1000 event budget as well as consultation, event planning, and event implementation for which Resetting the Table generally charges $3-4K. The time commitment for Conveners is flexible, depending on the breadth and depth of the project the Convener wishes to create. All Conveners, however, are asked to participate in the following:

2015-16 Convener Schedule

  • Wed, Oct 14: Welcome Session and Dinner with Facilitation Fellows
  • Between Oct 22 and Oct 30: One 1-hour preparatory meeting with Resetting the Table staff
  • Tues, Nov 3: full day Convener Retreat (9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  • Wed, Jan 13: follow-up meeting with other Conveners (6 – 9 p.m.)
  • Wed, May 25: Full Group Closing with Conveners

In addition to these times, RTT staff will work with you to plan, prepare, and implement your Convener project.

Meet Our 2015-2016 Conveners