Campus Edition Program



Resetting the Table NYC’s Campus Edition Program seeks to build a culture of dialogue and inquiry on Israel across political divides at New York area colleges. Perhaps nowhere is the toxicity around Israel more pronounced today than on campuses, where the current climate frequently requires Jewish students to navigate volatile, intimidating rhetoric precisely at the time when they are seeking open inquiry and exploration of views and ideas. Many feel they must defend or criticize Israel whether they want to, are ready to, or not.

In 2015-16, the Campus Edition Fellows Program will train Hillel professionals and student leaders from up to five NYC-area schools to craft programs geared toward opening and healing Israel conversations for their campuses. The program’s aim is to transform dominant norms of communication on Israel from avoidance, intimidation, and antagonism toward exploration, empowerment, and collaborative deliberation. With training and support from RTT, students and staff will create and host inclusive, empowering forums for Jews to talk, study, deliberate, and ultimately define their own relationships to the State of Israel.

To participate in the Fellowship, Hillel staff from any NYC-area school are invited to apply to participate in a spring semester fellowship, kicking off with a weekend retreat in the NYC-area (exact location tba) on January 22-24, 2016. At the retreat, one staff person and two student Fellows from each school will be introduced to Resetting the Table’s framework and programming, and begin to strategize programs that best suit their campuses’ culture and needs.

Resetting the Table offers a variety of programmatic resources, including:

  • Skill-building workshops to help students learn to speak across significant political differences
  • Innovative, multi-vocal, non-prescriptive Israel Literacy materials, geared toward Jewish students who feel they “don’t know enough to speak”
  • Story-centered forums in which participants share and explore their personal relationships to Israel in a safe environment
  • Highly trained facilitators to assist in leading charged conversations

All costs associated with the Fellowship will be covered, totaling approximately $15,000 per campus and including travel to and lodging at the January training (if necessary), and a stipend toward campus programming.

To learn more about the Fellowship, including requirements and eligibility, read our FAQ page. If you are a student or Hillel professional who wishes to apply, you can find more information on our application page. Read testimonials from participants in Hillel’s Resetting the Table, a partnership with Hillel International that has operated on 12 campuses and serves as a blueprint for the NYC Campus Edition Fellowship.  

Meet the 2015-16 Resetting the Table NYC Campus Edition Fellows
Meet the 2015-16 Hillel- Resetting the Table Fellows