Campus Edition Testimonials


While this is the first year of the NYC Campus Edition, here’s what participants of students and Hillel staff who have participated in Hillel’s Resetting the Table have said about the program:

“I learned the importance of active listening, not just as a phrase or concept, but as a way of life. Upon my return homamae, I found myself craving meaningful discussions. Because of the conversations we had during the training, I have been able to return to campus and have and organize meetings with students in my Israel group and in groups that have traditionally been known to be ‘opposite’ mine to engage in meaningful conversations. I challenged myself to find students on my campus with whom I could have those types of conversations, reaching outside of my comfort zone to engage with students whose ideas are perhaps different from mine. I no longer see myself evaluating their beliefs based on the groups they affiliate themselves with.” –  Arielle, VP of Bruins for Israel, UCLA

“I’m a student who knows that I love to listen, I love to learn, I love to speak, and I love to be heard. I wasn’t sure if or how I love Israel. And after this training, I’m not necessarily more sure of that, but I am open and hopeful to learn more and feel more ways – because I think I will LOVE getting to hear my fellow students’ stories about their personal relationships with Israel, and their questions, doubts, and wonders. I think I will love making a safe, open, question-filled, challenging, comfortable, conversation-full space for my fellow students and peers. This training helped open up the idea that not just facts or our intellectual knowledge drive our Israel discourses, but also our deepest emotional and moral commitments. And I love recognizing that, and acknowledging and delving into how both of them work together. I love the learning that this training started, and I’m really looking forward to bringing that to students at my campus, planting seeds of discussion and helping them grow.” – Sarah, Student Leader, USC

“I found the Resetting the Table training to be one of the most impactful SIC provided training experiences that I have had in the 8 years I have worked for Hillel. It was amazing to have the opportunity to engage in serious dialog with colleagues, students, and outside facilitators in a deep and meaningful way.” – Andy, Executive Director, University of Oregon Hillel

“This training renewed by desire to work in Hillel and to work with diverse groups. It gave me very practical skills that are applicable towards not just conversations about Israel, but all interactions that made me heated, personal, or political. I walked away with program ideas and new skills. I’ve found myself using them and even in the days following the training, both with the staff I supervise and in my interactions with students… The training made me more open to taking in a huge range of points of view. It increased my curiosity about other people. It also made me less afraid to speak up when I want to share my feelings and opinions. The opportunities to connect to staff and students were invaluable.” – Rebekah, Hillel Director of Student Life, UMass Amherst

“Going into the program I didn’t really know what to expect. Was this going to be a waste of my time? Or was I really going to come out learning something valuable? I hoped for the latter and thankfully that is exactly what I got. I feel a sense of maturity and confidence as I handle conflict filled discussions. I feel like I am more comfortable in my own opinions as I am learning to respect and understand the opinions of others. This program has changed the way I perceive conflict. Conflict is now an exciting challenge, and no longer a frightening obstacle. I believe this program will have a serious and positive impact for many people. It starts by changing just a small group of people who can, through their training, go on to change the culture of an entire college campus.” – Etai, Student Leader, USC