Yonah Lieberman

Yonah Lieberman167Yonah Lieberman¬†grew up in Washington, DC into a family that luckily spent every dinner — especially Shabbat — arguing over politics and how to do something about systematic oppression in this world. After attending Jewish Day School his entire life, he flew off to the University of Michigan and studied History and Urban Studies while growing obsessed with the idea of becoming a community organizer. On campus he helped create the J Street U chapter, eventually finding himself on the national student board; he was also active around immigration and racial-justice issues while facilitating dialogues across different identities like race and gender through the Program on Intergroup Relations. After school he moved to Brooklyn to live communally with 10 other lefty Jews and work as a Tenant Organizer through AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps. He currently lives in Crown Heights, works as a Community Organizer at the Met Council on Housing, and is a lead organizer with If Not Now.