Rabbi Ezra Weinberg

Reb Ezra167Rabbi Ezra Weinberg Rabbi Ezra Weinberg is excited to bring his extensive experience and passion in peace and conflict work to his second year with “Resetting the Table.”  Ezra’s lifelong pursuit of peace became concretized when he designed his undergraduate major at Hampshire College in “Peace and Conflict Studies.”  After receiving his MA in Conflict Transformation from SIT in Vermont, Ezra lived in Israel to work and volunteer and begin contributing to this emerging field. Organizations Ezra has served and volunteered for include: Hazon, AJWS, Tru’ah, Encounter, Palestine-Israel Journal, and Jerusalem Peacemakers where he worked as a trainer and spiritual activities coordinator. Ultimately Ezra’s decision to pursue the rabbinate was based on his experience of spirituality as a key component of peace-building with its own unique skill set. Reb Ezra currently works as a freelance rabbi and interfaith educator in New York City.